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Job Interview Do’s and Don’ts


There always comes that sparkling moment of grandeur on your job search when an employer calls you back. You have a great conversation on the phone and then BAM! You have an interview! Now, here comes the next hurdle where you have to prepare. Not to worry, you’ve made it this far, you can finish the race. Interviews are just like hanging out with friends, except you are professionally bragging the whole time. Below is a list of interview do’s and don’ts to make sure that you nail your next interview!

Do Bring your resume

First things first, please make sure you bring your resume. Bringing your resume to a job interview is equivalent to bringing your ID to a bar. If you don’t have it, chances are you are sent straight to the back of the line. Employers can easily print out a copy of your resume and bring it to look over during your interview, but when you bring a copy yourself it shows that you are prepared. A task as simple as bringing a resume can set you aside from someone who is just as qualified as you, but did not bring one to their interview. Extra points if you make your resume stand out. Maybe have someone look it over and give it some stylistic pazaz. Be sure to not go overboard on the stylistic charm as it may seem unprofessional. Last but not least, the perfect professional touch is placing your resume in a cover or folder.

Do Dress Appropriate

Be hyper aware of how you are dressing in your job interview. Dress code varies on what type of job you are applying for. Most of the time, business casual is appropriate for your interview even if you feel like you should wear your uniform. For example, if you are interviewing to become a personal fitness trainer at a prestigious gym. Even though your regular uniform would be gym clothes, showing up to a job interview in yoga pants or spanks would be unprofessional. There is also no need to break the bank and buy a brand new expensive suit. A simple button up or skirt will do. The goal is to make yourself look presentable in your employers eyes. Do your hair, apply makeup if you choose, shower, and spray on your best fragrance. You know what they say, look good, feel good!

Do Show How You Would Be a Perfect Fit

Now that the aesthetics of the interview have been covered, the hard part has arrived: talking. Your interview is designed to show how you are a perfect fit for their company so all of your talking points should be flattering to you. A good tip to follow is make sure you prove that you are results driven. What have you done at other companies you have worked for and what will you do in the future? Employers want to hear what you are going to offer. Numbers and tangible evidence are everything to employers. Were you a medical assistant? How many people did you assist a day and how often did you come in on time. Are you going to become a medical biller and coder? How many claims can you submit and a specific amount of time? Are you a massage therapist? What do your clients normally say about you and how many do you have? Do not let your resume simply speak for itself and let the employer know that you are the perfect archetype for an employee. Please, if an employer asks why you left your last position. Do not say that you hated it.

Do Ask Questions

Near the end of the interview, employers tend to ask their interviewee if they have any questions. Make sure that you have at least one or two questions prepared before you come in to show your interest in the company. When you ask questions during an interview, employers get the impression that you want to be invested in your work. Good examples of questions would be, “what is the work environment like here?” or “what type of system do you use to track your results?”. The questions may vary depending on the type of job you are applying for but make sure that your inquiry shows that you care about where you work.

Do Relax

Relax. Take a deep breath. Enjoy your interview. The last image an employer wants to see is a frantic and sweaty potential employee. When you are visibly nervous to the point where it affects your words and actions, it shows your interview proctor that you are not capable of working under pressure. It’s important that you come to the realization that being relaxed is the best mindset to be in. If you are not relaxed, then chances are you wont get a call back so you might as well take a deep breath and do what’s best for yourself. A little bit of nervousness is okay, it just means that you care. If you are shaking, sweating, and fidgeting, you should probably try to meditate or do some breathing exercises.

Do Follow Up

Once you’ve completely nailed your interview there is still more to do. Following up with your employer is a great way to show that you are truly in it to win it. Go ahead and shoot them an email thanking them for their time and that you will follow up in a weeks time. A week should be the perfect amount of time for them to make their decision.